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Yeast Free Whole Grain Kamut Rye Bread

Yeast Free Whole Grain Kamut Rye Bread

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This bread is made with organic cracked rye kernels and organic 100% whole grain Kamut™️ and rye flour. A special, low temperature, slow cook process steams the grains instead of baking them. This process creates a nutritious and highly digestible whole grain bread.

Organic Kamut™️ and Organic Rye grains are not gluten free but are great alternative grains to include in once diet instead of today’s highly processed and modified wheat grains. Many people with mild gluten sensitivity find this bread to be easier to digest.


Organic Cracked Rye Kernels, Organic Whole Kamut™️Flour, Organic Whole Rye Flour, Water, Sea Salt, Sourdough (Organic Whole Rye Flour, Water, Natural Bacterial Cultures)