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About Us

Savour the aroma of fresh European baking!

Gourmet baking at its finest!

For over 80 years Stickling’s Bakery has been known for its rustic, organic sourdough breads which are baked according to traditional family recipes and with sourdough cultures that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

By using the same time tested bread recipes we, the third generation, are following the foot steps of our ancestors and continue the tradition of baking delicious, wholesome goodness.

Beyond baking bread our family’s love for fine delicacies has led us to create wonderful aromatic and delicious German Christmas cakes for which Stickling’s increasingly has become known beyond its home town boarders.  Connoisseurs have discovered Stickling’s Christmas Cakes to be one of the finest and most delicious all around because our traditional Stollen and Fruit Cake recipes call for an abundance of authentic ingredients like raisins, genuine rum, finest marzipan, organic flour and cane sugar as well as creamery butter.  

Our newest addition is a line of delicious gluten free pies, gluten free pizza crusts and gluten free croutons & bread crumbs. True to our tradition only the best natural  ingredients are used for all our gluten free products. All our gluten free products are produced in a separate, dedicated gluten free, nut free and dairy free facility.

We are happy to be able to bring some of our tasty goodies directly to your doorstep through our online shop or through one of our many vendor partners.

Yours in good taste,

Michael and Annette